Computer E-Sports is growing really fast right now. The Industry is on a rise and it will be one of the top watched entertainment on tv in a couple of years. There are many reasons why this indutry is growing, let me tell you some:

    1. The games played in the E-Sports industry are very competitive and fun to play.
    2. E-Sports can be played by anyone, even people that are disabled, unlike in Sports if you are disabled in any way you cannot play or be good inof.
    3. Any age from 15+ can be on a proffesional team and can play competitive E-Sports and can win thousands of dollars for their organization, and unlike real sports players have to have certain weight, and height to play, which you cannot control.
    4. Playing E-Sports takes a lot of work just like real sports. You have to play hours on end to be on the top and even stay on the top of the ladder. You have to stay at the level or even higher level to keep your team in the league and to win. Even practicing and making strats is very hard for the teams. To beat another team takes a lot of practice and smarts to beat a team not only in aim but how they play.

In conclusion, E-Sports is a very competitive Industry, even more competitive than the Sports industry. To be here, you have to put a lot fo work and brain into the game. All ages can play and even disabled people can play and become one of the best. To be a pro, it takes hard work but is fun at the same time. This is why you should join the PC Master Race and should join the Scene, I promis you, you will stay and find it very fun and competitive.